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Bringing Bature Brewery to the masses


Bature Brewery are Nigeria’s first craft brewery, and pioneers of their craft in West Africa. With a deep connection to the vibrant art, music and culture scene in Lagos, Bature are bringing their own approach on the craft beer movement to a completely new audience — powered from their taproom, bar and brewery on Victoria Island.

Pim-Pam have partnered with Bature Brewery to develop and deliver the next chapter of their story — to educate, collaborate and establish themselves as one of the best craft breweries in Africa.

With a large percentage of their audience unfamiliar with craft beer, a key role was to not only introduce their products as part of a movement, but to reinforce and establish the core values that Bature Brewery want to communicate to their following. Passion, flavour, innovation, culture and collaboration using local ingredients — while partnering with West African artists and musicians to tell their story.

A strategic and creative led project, we worked across design, digital, photography, film and printed collateral to start bringing this idea to life. From creating out-of-home product campaigns and developing their online presence through website, shop and social materials — to creating a library of photography and film collaborating with local creatives that tells their story and works as an education tool on what craft beer is to them, their methods of making it, and serves as a tool for introducing their products to a completely new market.

Our involvement and support with the Bature Brewery team has helped elevate them to new heights nationally in Nigeria, across West Africa, and has raised their profile internationally receiving recognition and awards in The World Beer Awards and African Beer Awards.

- Collaborators -

NAVI Africa w Ibrahim Israel:
Photography and Film