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Chase the Haze

Harmattan Haze

In collaboration with Bature Brewery, we embarked on an exciting venture, launching their first targeted campaign – Chase The Haze. Our aim was to encapsulate the very essence of West Africa's Harmattan Season across a range of channels including social, print and activations. The campaign saw the launch of a new glassware range and merchandise designed by our team. 

Our journey began with the crafting of a distinct visual identity for the campaign. We conceptualised a Key Visual that depicted the allure of the new Harmattan Haze glass and beer cans set against the backdrop of a dusky Harmattan sunset. Creative illustrations adorned the visuals, bringing to life the unique character of our product.

A critical aspect of our strategy was to spotlight Bature Brewery's Harmattan Haze IPA and the newly introduced glassware range. Through meticulous placement and presentation, we effectively captured the attention of our target audience, conveying the essence of our product in a compelling manner.

Timing was key. We strategically launched the campaign during the Harmattan Season, allowing us to authentically narrate the story behind Harmattan Haze IPA. By doing so, we aimed to not only pique the interest of a new market but also to deeply engage our audience with the narrative surrounding our product.

Curated photography and visuals were carefully selected to resonate with the West African audience, fostering a strong connection and ensuring a consistent brand presence across various channels.

We witnessed a significant increase in brand visibility, engagement, and audience interaction as the campaign launched. It resonated with Bature Brewery’s audiences and elevated their brand further, attracting a wider variety of consumers to not only this product, but the wide offering of craft beers produced by the team.