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Transforming Bature Brewery’s Online Presence

Bature Brewery are pioneers of their craft in West Africa. A passion for creating unique flavours using local ingredients, they are putting West Africa on the map for developing some of the best beers on the continent. Having established themselves as the first craft brewery in Nigeria, launching their Lagos based brewery and taproom and developing their brand identity and packaging — it was time to look at their online presence in a way that could help them stand out not just in Africa, but a global market as well.


Pim-Pam’s design approach for the website was centred on the creative and illustrative aspects of Bature Brewery. Drawing inspiration from their already established identity, it celebrates the art, shapes and colour from the brand. This design approach brings the brand’s personality to life and provides an immersive experience — from the moment visitors land on the website, they are transported to a world that is full of vibrancy and life.

The use of bright, bold colours and bespoke illustrations create a unique look and feel that is both visually appealing and authentic to the brand’s values. The website’s design ensures that visitors are not only drawn in but also engaged with the brand’s story, art, music, and culture from the various timelines and visual components throughout.


The website reflects the brand’s values and key drivers, while providing a seamless and secure e-commerce experience for customers to order beers and merchandise from Bature Brewery. Each core beer is represented with a descriptive page focusing on the ingredients, process and meaning behind each brew. It works as an educational tool as Bature Brewery continue to introduce themselves to a market that isn’t as familiar with craft beer, as opposed to other regions in Africa. From their story to their processes, there’s lots to learn from the site in how Bature have established themselves and plan to grow in the future.

Pim-Pam designed and developed the Bature Brewery using uSkinned site builder. As a Scottish based digital business doing some incredible work in Umbraco, they have a unique product in the market that allows designers to work in a development platform in a seamless way. The ability to imagine and create pages through a component based content management system, while allowing more detailed customisations puts them at the forefront of not just Scottish digital development, but on a global level as well.