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Juju is a contemporary design and bookbinding practice founded by prize-winning bookbinder Gillian Stewart in 2017.

With both a local and international client base, Juju required a brand identity that would showcase their craft and practice in a contemporary and minimalist way, allowing the work to speak for itself.

We created a logotype and visual language that would create different viewpoints and perspectives into Juju’s work, studio and methods in both still and video assets. From bookbinding and letterpress, to stitching techniques and enclosures, each project merits a platform to be showcased from its overall finish to the smaller hand crafted details and secrets within.

Accompanying the visual brand, we wanted to create a simple yet effective tag that could amplify and communicate the energy of what Juju is, and what Juju stands for. This led us to ‘Bound with creativity’ — giving a strong voice to the brand, and establishing a connection to their practice.

As a studio, Juju develop workshops, tuition and run their own shop. Combined with their bookbinding practice, we developed simplified iconography to represent each area of the business, while also allowing these items of be scaled up and become part of the visual language as well.







- Collaborators -

Gabriela Silveira / Gillian Stewart: