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WASPS Annual Report

WASPS is a charity that provides affordable studios to support artists, arts organisations, and creative businesses - spaces and places to be a platform for inspiration and collaboration. We were approached, along with fellow South Block tenant Fourtwentyseven Design to create their new annual report.

With the huge range of artists and businesses that WASPS play host to, we wanted this to be a focal point of the annual review’s design. A canvas for creativity is their mantra, so we treated the cover as its own canvas with bold use of white combined with simplistic type

Playing with the underscore line from WASPS logotype, we cut a section from the cover that would allow you to peer into the report. This showed a glimpse of work from an artist or business on the inside that would be later revealed when opening the report — much like walking past an open studio door in one of WASPS buildings.

This use of the underscore would be repeated in various ways throughout the report, from section dividers and backdrops of colour to captions and frames for the financials. With a defined brand colour palette, we divided the report up into sections relating to projects, programmes, estates and statistics with a range of iconography.