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Vinyes Singulars: L’Estranya Parella


Celler Vinyes Singulars are a family run winery in Catalonia, Spain, and have been making wine in the region since 1405. We were introduced to Celler Vinyes Singulars in 2020 which led to our collaboration on a wine called L’Estranya Parella. The Strange Couple.


The naming L’Estranya Parella comes from not only how the wine is made, but from the collaboration between a Catalan based winery and a Glasgow creative studio. A red wine created with a field blend of Malvasia de Sitges and Sumoll, it pairs two contrasting grapes that give reason to it’s title.


Exploring this idea of ‘The Strange Couple’, the label pairs two characters that appear very different to each other, but have an interesting connection. The distinctive character style is that of Edinburgh based illustrator KMG, who has worked closely with us to develop the artwork which has a hidden meaning. A play on the year 1405, the year Vinyes Singulars began their story in Catalonia.


Wanting to deliver a concept that was special, that had reason, and that celebrated the heritage of the vineyard — this ‘Strange Couple’ is created with one character made from 14 elements, the other from 5. A juxtaposition of characters, brought together with the colour pink. A symbol of both a white and dark grape mixing together.

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