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Nigeria Meets South-London Sunshine

Mangoes To Lagos

We worked with Nigerian craft brewery Bature Brewery and South London based Brixton Brewery on a first of it's kind international collaboration brew. Two breweries from different, yet similar backgrounds — we worked closely with the teams to create a packaging and campaign approach that would marry both brands and celebrate the culture and combination of two incredible award winning breweries. 

Aiming to bring a taste of Nigerian sunshine to London, 'Mangoes to Lagos' was meticulously crafted, harmoniously blending the rich, tropical flavours of West Africa with the innovative brewing techniques of South London, resulting in a vibrant and refreshing Mango Pale Ale.


We worked closely with the team at Brixton Brewery, whose locally-crafted beers are modern classics, aiming to bring the vibrant culture of Bature Brewery and Lagos to Brixton.

By infusing elements of Lagos' lively spirit and Bature Brewery's unique character into the project, we created a fusion that celebrated the essence of both breweries. This partnership allowed us to blend the rich cultural narratives and dynamic energy of both locales, resulting in a product and campaign that truly represented the best of both worlds.


This dynamic campaign spanned a variety of channels, ensuring comprehensive outreach and engagement. We utilised social media platforms to generate anticipation for the beer's release, crafting engaging content and teasers that captivated enthusiasts.

In print, we deployed eye-catching out of home materials featuring vibrant designs that encapsulated the essence of 'Mangoes to Lagos.'

To further enhance the campaign, we created custom merchandise and a launch event in Brixton Brewery's South London taproom to celebrate the coming together of both breweries, cultures and flavours.