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SP!N was a charitable art exhibition for the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club (DTTC). The project showcased 42 table tennis paddles designed by artists, designers and illustrators from across Scotland — as well as one dedicated table design for the show.

Participating artists were asked to create a design based on either balance, resilience or strength — three words closely aligned with the sport.



Based in Wasps Studio’s South Block building in Glasgow, SP!N ran as a silent auction, with all proceeds going to the DTTC, supporting the club and its players on an international level.

DTTC is one of the biggest clubs in Britain. Founded in 1989, it has more than 300 members aged between eight and 80 playing each week. Celebrating its 30th birthday the year of the exhibition, the club plays a huge role in the development of table tennis in Scotland.


Eye (table) by Roddy MacNeill

movement / p / play / repetition / vs. by Kenna

Resilience 1/2 by Conzo Throb and Ciaran Globel

Resilience 2/2 by Conzo Throb and Ciaran Globel

Strength by Frank Quitely

SP!N IT! by CCWhyte

This Way / That Way by KMG

1989 by Luke McCarthy

Wallace’s filing cabinet by Niall Smillie

The Hand And The Mouse by Ishbel Mackenzie

POWER UP! by Paul Daly

West coast harmony by Robert Kelsey

Balance by Barry Thomson 

Mon Then by Poster Project

Balance by Daria Zapala

Peg Pong / Pin Pong by Greig Anderson

Balance by Anna Dunn

Balance by Siobhan Ogg

Death, lumber & ping pong by Paul Revie

Columba Imperium by Diane Dawson

Spinning A Yarn by Alan Moore

"COME BACK TO ME" by Andrea Westwick

Strength by Jonny Mowat

Equal Parts by Spectre Creative

Practice Makes Permanent by Craig Black

This... Is My BOOM STICK! by Want Some Studio

Nature prevails by Stuart Kerr

Untitled by Roddy MacNeill

Tigers Don’t Cry by Ellen McLean

Untitled by Kirstie Addis

This is not my strongest idea* by Stephen Paul       
*David Shrigley did not do this

Elemental Harmony by Reiss McLeod

Work / Pong Balance by Kieran McMaster

Thants by Shaun Woods / Bauholz

Run, jump, dance, catch, press, touch by Marina Rennee-Cemmick

Bounce Back by Rachel E Millar

An exploration... by Dear Green X Selected Works

Turntable Tennis by Darren Osborne. View video here 

RES8.3 by Allan Whyte

Resilience by Social Recluse

Holey Bat! - BatCoin by Peter McCaughey

Better Together by Marcus Marritt 



Exhibiting artists: 

Kirstie Addis
Greig Anderson
Craig Black
Paul Daly
Dear Green x Selected Works
Design Engineering Workshop
Diane Dawson
Anna Dunn
Ciaran Globel
Robert Kelsey

Stuart Kerr
Ishbel Mackenzie
Roddy MacNeill
Marcus Marritt
Luke McCarthy
Peter McCaughey
Ellen McLean
Reiss McLeod
Kieran McMaster
Rachel E Millar

Alan Moore
Jonny Mowat
Siobhan Ogg
Darren Osborne
Stephen Paul
Poster Project
Frank Quitely
Social Recluse
Marina Rennee-Cemmick
Paul Revie

Niall Smillie
Spectre Creative
Conzo Throb
Barry Thomson
Want Some Studio
Andrea Westwick
Allan Whyte
Chris Whyte
Shaun Woods
Daria Zapala



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