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A charitable art exhibition for the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club (DTTC). The project showcases over 60 table tennis paddles designed by artists, designers and illustrators from across the UK — as well as one dedicated table design for the show. All proceeds to the DTTC. 

The silent auction has now ended and all remaining paddles are available for general purchase. Please email for more details on paddles and the project which will be running till 13 December. 

*SOLD* 'Just a bit of friendly competition' by Rachel E Millar.

*RESERVED* 'Broken Bats' by Martin Boyce. Wood & brass.

*SOLD* 'GSA' by Robert Kesley.
*SOLD* 'Big Boys Don't Cry' by Want Some Studio.

*SOLD* 'What Goes Up Must Come Down' by Rachel E Millar.
*SOLD* 'Pop Cherry' by Marcus Marritt.

*SOLD* 'BATman...of course' by Frank Quitely.
*SOLD* 'Family' by Pim-Pam.

*SOLD* 'Smash the Patriarchy' by Raissa Pardini.
*SOLD* 'Neon Shores' by Terrazo & Titz.

'Hold Me Now' by Roddy MacNeill.
*SOLD* 'Character' by Jack Stamp.

*SOLD* 'Wee Guys, with Hunners of Eyes' by Caragh Docherty.
'A wee flag for playing inside' by Sarah Kudirka.

'Positively Negative' by Joe Keogh.
'For the love of...the game' by Joe Keogh.

*SOLD* 'Movement' Juju Books.
*SOLD* 'Community' by Libby Walker.

*SOLD* 'Community Wafer' by Ashleigh Robertson.
*SOLD* 'Coexist' by Craig Black.

*SOLD* 'Lady Paddle' by Agata Pietrusz.
*SOLD* 'Community' by Anna Dunn.

'PIN(G) CUSHION' by Beautiful Materials.
'Community' by Calum Stevenson.

'Community' by Natalia Manczak.
'Character' by Ilka.

*SOLD* 'FAC 73.25' by Paul Daly.
*SOLD* 'Growth Isn’t Linear' by Ione Parsons.

*SOLD* 'Community' by Pam Carter.
'Movement' by Siobhan Ogg.

'The Last Day' by Michael MacKay.
*SOLD* 'Create. Nurture. Transform' by Zoe Buyers.

*SOLD* 'Moon in the Sky' by Dust Studio.
*SOLD* 'Movement' by Fourtwentyseven.

*SOLD* 'Dr Pong' Where Giants Roam (Augmented reality).
*SOLD* 'Move Your Mind' Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng.

*SOLD* 'Ursus maritimus' by Daria Zapala.
*SOLD* 'Patron Saint' by Barry Thomson.

*SOLD* 'Character, Movement, Community' by Introducing.
'Community' by Hollie Russell.

*SOLD* 'Community' by Allan Richardson.
'OOPS!' by Workspace Dunfermline.

'PingPong' by Ken McClymont.
*SOLD* 'Ping | Pong' by Stckmn.

*SOLD* 'People not profit' by Smithy Graphics.
'Movement' by Jason Kerley.

'Community' by Ellen McLean.
*SOLD* 'Movement' by Alex Bowie.

*SOLD* 'Community' by Chris Whyte (Stained glass).
'The New World Times' by Freytag Anderson.

*SOLD* 'Thanks Dad' by Lana Smith.
*SOLD* 'Movement' by KMG.

'Community' by Bertrand Mougel.
*SOLD* 'Balls Stacked / Balls Fallen' by Ben John Oliphant..

*SOLD* 'Character' by Ethan Davis.
'Community' by Design Weans.

*SOLD* 'A Gude Cause Maks a Strong Arm' by Braw Talent.
*SOLD* 'Pineapple' by Emile Mbunzama.

*SOLD* 'Home' by Need.
*SOLD* 'Movement' by Lorna Mulhern.

*SOLD* 'Movement' by Robert Donegan.
*SOLD* 'PingPong' by Form Digital.

All paddles available to view at the exhibition. Opening hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. 11am-3pm Saturdays.

Exhibiting artists:

Craig Black
Alex Bowie
Martin Boyce
Zoe Buyers
Pamela Carter
Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng
Paul Daly
Ethan Davis
Caragh Docherty
Anna Dunn
Alan Grieve
Robert Kelsey
Joe Keogh
Jason Kerley
Sarah Kudirka

Michael Mackay
Roddy MacNeill
Natalia Manczak
Marcus Marritt
Emile Mbunzama
Ken McClymont
Ellen McLean
Bertrand Mougel
Lorna Mulhern
Siobhan Ogg
Raissa Pardini
Ione Parsons
Agata Pietrusz
Ashleigh Robertson
Hollie Russell

Lorraine Smith
Lana Smith
Jack Stamp
Calum Stevenson
Barry Thomson
Libby Walker
Chris Whyte
Daria Zapala
Beautiful Materials
Braw Talent
Design Weans
Robert Donegan
Dust Studio
Form Digital

Frank Quitely
Freytag Anderson
Juju Books
Rachel E Millar
Ben John Oliphant
Terrazzo & Titz
Want Some Studio
Where Giants Roam
Joe Keogh

- Special thanks to our supports -

Wasps Studios
Service Graphics
Electric Shores
Braw Talent


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